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160 And 8192 Baud Aldl
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Re: Bench Setup

Postby oldn64 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 6:10 pm

budwizer wrote:Oldn64, well it does work :)
I don't have a vy/vz or a bcm from one. As its for a project. Just wired the obd2 interface directly to the data line and pos/neg to the required areas and am able to communicate/change things on the cluster!

Yeah know the feeling.. always distractions! :(

Feel free to shoot me a pm. If ya need a hand :) although i am sure you'll manage! :)

thanks budwizer, I might get time tonight to place it back on the kitchen table (err i mean bench) shed is a little cold at present so in the house is good option, way to hard to heat 7.5mx12m (approx 4M high)

I will re-look and post. I am sure i have done something simple just need to look again.


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Re: Bench Setup

Postby Fanny » Sat Oct 19, 2019 10:52 pm

oldn64 wrote:OK, I have either gone mad, lost the plot or just am way over tired.
On Saturday I decided to start back into the dash, ecu hacking etc, it has been many years and I have probably forgotten more than I can remember. However, I started with a VY dash and ALDL cable. connected the units up and went to have a play but go no comes what so ever. No response from the cluster no information on my sniffing tools.
So went hang this and tried a VT cluster instead. Same result. Got worried I completely read the instructions wrong and so ran over the road to a mates place and plugged into his VY crewman and got responses on the tools.

HI, my first post, so to start with I picked up a ALDL cable a few weeks ago for my VY and started reading this forum, WOW it's been fn great a big thanks to everyone for posting and sharing so much useful info, all other projects are on hold it's full time ALDL & TunerProRT I'm upto my 8th Tune with bits from differents peoples cal files and post on here. I done as suggested picked up a spare BCM followed the instructions made a few backups and cloned, it's handy there is room to have 2 BCM's under the dash (failsafe for when I'm in the back streets uploading test cals) The wagons weight is about 1700Kg+ LSD & 235 tyres so it's never been easy to light up... BUT NOW IT IS.lots of circle work and wheel spinning.. had to get new rear tyres and to top it all off better enco....Trans shifts 0.2 seconds .. yeah ok I could go on for ages...

I know this VY Cluster post is old but hoping I can contribute I've seen a few posts about taking the cluster out to program I tried out the 1337vending vzclustermod incar it all seemed to be working as per the steps in the txt file - could rear / write but the changes didn't take effect, getting no error...

I put the dash into the test mode by holding down Mode+Set turn on the ignition press the mode until the last display when ALL of the dash come on with the BEEEEEEEP.... and then make the changes all I was after was the HSV start up, Now when I startup I feel special, it 100% works in the car with the dash in the test mode


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