Declo '808 Memcal Design

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Declo '808 Memcal Design

Postby megajuz3003 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:36 am

I was wondering If anyone wouldn't mind checking out my work and giving me feedback on wether its going to work :lol: ,

i got roped into helping out a local tuner, he is having problems getting aftermarket memcal boards for the delco 808 ecu,
he has dropped a heap of notes off to me and just asked me to draw it up, his design is meant to allow the 27c Eproms 28c EEProms and the DS1230Y plus give the option for a Kalmaker Pal and Bin Switching

just one note, on the schematic I have used signal symbols like +14v ignore the values they are just for connecting 2 pins together from different ends of the schematic

VR-VR Memcal KA-SCHL.pdf
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VR-VR Memcal KAL.pdf
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Eagle Files:
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