can the 0411 P01 take 16.3v? Benchtop flash rig

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Re: can the 0411 P01 take 16.3v? Benchtop flash rig

Postby antus » Mon Feb 04, 2019 6:56 am

Yep. Based on this I did a bunch of current testing with some of the tools I have access too. This is the power to the pcm, but the pcm is powering the bench obd2 bus which includes a bunch of tools which are also pulling power. The absolute power draw is that of the pcm + tools, but the difference is accurate to what happens while the pcm is flashing.

I found the lowest current was winflash which spikes presumably for the erase cycles only. Then pcm hammer which spikes for each flash chip access (erase or write) but backs off for each block of data communication. Dimented's tool and GM SPS appear to leave VPP on for the whole process. I also tested one of the well known aftermarket tools which left it on as well. I think based on this we might be able to reduce the amount of time we have vpp on for (maybe we only need it for erase cycles) which would mildly reduce heat and probably help to improve flash lifespan for devices that get flashed often, like this one :)

0411 tools flash current logging.png

The first green square is a pcm hammer cal flash, the next is a winflash full flash, then a dimented24x7 cal flash, then an sps full flash. Scale is 0-1 amp.
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Re: can the 0411 P01 take 16.3v? Benchtop flash rig

Postby j_ds_au » Thu Feb 07, 2019 1:15 am

Yeah, that's quite a dramatic jump, about 320mA, which if I remember correctly, would be at least 4 times the maximum Vpp current draw given in the Flash datasheets. I wonder what would cause that ...



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