Quick Diagnostic tool, commodore ALDL

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Quick Diagnostic tool, commodore ALDL

Postby RVK355 » Sat Apr 04, 2020 10:57 am

thought I would share this to the forum

been trying to diagnose a problem on one of my commodores, got annoyed with having to use a paper clip and always bend down underneath the steering wheel to short out pins #5/6 all the time, so thought i would make up something i can plug in and easier to use

so I came up with this, was fairly simple to make, OBD2 extension cable from ebay, small plastic mounting box from jay car, single throw single row switch that closes the circuit between pins 5/6,

I also added a negative and positive bounding posts that are wired to the negative and positive pins on the aldl connector, i put these there for a ground and positive voltage reference when probing around with a multimeter.

has made things a lot more easier and streamline when fault finding.

good little handy DIY device for anyone interested

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