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Memcal Mod

Postby Ken » Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:57 am

Figured I'd make a post showing some mods I'd done to minimize how much I need to carry, should I ever end up feeling the need to play around with this injection stuff more than just another hobby to amuse myself with..

If you haven't worked it out by now, I don't spend time watching the idiot box or pub socializing, I spend it thinking of ways to mod / change / improve whatever it is I'm playing with at the moment..

One such mod I did a few months ago was trying to make an early memcal a unit that I could use for whatever I needed one for...

Since I've collected crap loads of computer associated parts from the time of playing around with them, I've found a use for some of it in these early memcals..

28 pin eeprom mount for the main eeprom,-(old news) 32 pin 437 fx MoBo cache ram mounts now used for the Resistor bank chips, 40 pin keyboard mount for the knock board, though probably a useless addition..
I've sacrificed 3 x memcals for their resistor bank chips, and worked out by cutting one of the sacrificed plastic holders that there's .125" - 1/8 of blank plastic, enabling the use of screws to hold the cover on, no more gently prying the end tabs in the hope of not breaking them off..
Bottom left pic has the blank section coloured in white where a screw can be placed to hold the cover on..
Just remove 2 of the tabs that hold the cover on one side of the memcal, a convenient fact is that those tabs are geographic center of the blank usable area for the retaining screws..
It's probably old news to some, maybe I'm dribbling common knowledge, though may be food for thought for some who've not done any of this yet..

I've lightly engraved the back of the resistor bank chips in case I have a brain fade regarding the associated numbers to cyls, there's a 4,6 and 8 cyl set in the old bosch points plastic container.
When the screws were all the way in, I just stuck the programmer adapter down that end to make sure the screws didn't contact anything regarding the knock pin contacts, which they didn't..

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Re: Memcal Mod

Postby The1 » Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:50 pm


here's a diagram that helps.
VN-VR netres resistors.png
VN-VR netres resistors.png (26.95 KiB) Viewed 442 times

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