Garage Door Opener & Insulation?

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Garage Door Opener & Insulation?

Postby Hnand » Fri Dec 21, 2018 6:19 pm

Phoenix is hot. Well, only for a few months. But it does get very hot. Hot enough to keep the air conditioning unit working. Hot enough to kill you in 20 seconds after you step out of your car. Or something like that...

My new house does not come with a garage door opener. Plus it is a very basic door, with absolutely no insulation.

Considering that I travel a lot, I plans on keeping my car inside the garage the vast majority of the time to keep it away from the brutal sun. I also want to ensure that my A/C doesn't work too hard while I'm on the road, and part of it have to do with keeping the heat (and the cold) out of the garage as much as I could.

After all, I read somewhere that the garage door can be the #1 cause of heat/cold leaks. The hot it is outside, the hotter it gets inside a contained space, and the hotter the rest of the house get (due to the lack of ventilation.)

So what should I do with the garage door? What type of insulation would work to keep the heat and the cold out from that door?


Garage Door Opener ... ation-kit/. I'm spoiled. I like the ability to zap a button, and watch the door open with fanfare. But I am also security-minded, and am very aware of the weakness of the garage door opener's signals. Some old garage doors are so simple, there's 9 distinct codes, and delivering the right one will open the door. Not good.

Have the technology improved to a reasonable level where it can easily prevent drive-by-"hey, open me" devices? What kind of features should I look for in a garage door opener other than this security feature? What kind of installation am I looking for here -- something an electrician can only do, or something that can be done following the direction on the kit?

Hive minds, have at it!

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