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Fanny Sound Proofing

Postby Fanny » Wed Oct 28, 2020 6:09 am


I wanted to get my VY Holden wagon roof lining replaced, had holes from the cargo barrier, and a few stains. Mate said he had one already covered with the same colour cloth at his shop and would take no time to change over, While I had the roof lining out I wanted to add some extra Insulation/sound Deadener an Adhesive rubber matt with a thin layer of Aluminium sold in most auto shops for heat proofing or from eBay while the roof lining was out I stuck the matt to the tin roof was easy didn't take too long when ready to put the new lining in, the new lining had the cut out for the interior light mid-roof, but mine had the interior light at the front with the sunglass holder.
The quick fix was to go with it and install an extra interior light I found one that had the main light with map lights ran a few extra wires installed the light cluster with the map lights facing the rear seats the lighting worked out well, the rubber matt in the roof made a big difference to the sound of the music, cutting out heaps of outside noise tapping on the roof now it sounds like solid wood compared to a garden shed roof, So I decided to put new Alpine speakers in WOW compared to the 15-watt standard speakers I was surprised the stock speakers sounded as good as they did while changing the speaker I put some of the rubber matt into the door reducing the outside noise some more,,,, Well might as well do the rest of the car, rear + tailgate + floor end result is all most zero outside noise trucks or buses you can just hear, as well as Air-conditioning works better AS for the music Dolly Parton beats are banging

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