For sale: Vlad's chassis bolt kits.

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For sale: Vlad's chassis bolt kits.

Postby vlad01 » Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:33 pm

3 kits available. $220 plus postage. PM for details.

Complete chassis and brake bolt kit to suit VN-VS and (VB-VL)*

Custom made to exact factory dimensional, material, tensile specs. Has advanced protective coating tech using Delta Protekt KL105 making it corrosion free for decades unlike zinc plating, also a process free of hydrogen embrittlment.

Kit includes the follow sets of bolts and nut (washers where used)

Front end.

Power steering rack to cross-member

Lower control arm to cross-member

Brake caliper brackets to steering knuckle

(Included extra) cross-member/K-frame to chassis rail nuts (nuts only due to bolts and washers being different model to model)

Rear end.

Lower control arm to body

Lower control arm to axle

Upper control arm body and axle

Panhard bar, body and axle mount nut

Shocker lower mount to axle

Brake caliper bracket to axle

* VB-VL models have not been verified, I believe rear brakes and possibly rear bolts many vary?





I'm the director of VSH (Vlad's Spec Holden), because HSV were doing it ass about.

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