FS: Ford Smartlock Bypass Module

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FS: Ford Smartlock Bypass Module

Postby pman92 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:09 pm

This module is used to remove the smartlock anti-theft system on ford falcons:
EB2, ED, EF, EL, XG, XH and I believe early AU1. 6 cylinder or V8.
It will not work on later models that use the "smartshield" system.

It will generate the smartlock signal required for the PCM to run independently without a BEM (body electronics module) or coded ignition keys.

Connection is easy. 3 wires: power, earth and signal.

There is also 2 extra wires. If desired, either can be used to connect the module to a kill switch / aftermarket immobiliser to disable it and prevent the engine running.
One wire will disable when connected to ground, and enable when open or 12v.
The other wire will disable when connected to 12v, and enable when open or ground.

They are small is size (40x40x15mm) so can be taped or cable tied to the wiring loom, or otherwise easily hidden.

Full instructions are included.

Express postage included Australia wide.

$110 each

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VR-VY Holden BCM Simulator: LINK
Ford Smartlock Bypass Module: LINK

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