Speeduino PCB for Delco Replacement

Converting To Delco ECU From Carby Or Other Injection Systems
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Re: Speeduino PCB for Delco Replacement

Post by Holden202T »

It been a while in the making but i have finally gotten to a point where i have enough to make a post!!

so the board has improved a bit .... but also it had to be changed to suit a new mcupro as the old one is no longer available..... i was also trying to use an on board usb port for robustness which has not been working too reliably so i've resorted to the below usb adaptor.
Theres one or two bugs that need to be sorted in the next version of the board, but nothing that couldn't be worked around.

I had a need for some of the extra features on this new board, that was to allow me to run a buick V6 with LS coils without the need for any other add on modules.

This is my brothers car, we are installing a turbo v6 into it for drag racing, so it was the perfect platform to test the new board!
To make the speeduino work with LS coils i needed either a missing tooth trigger, or a cam sensor, so the plan was to use a VR V6 auto cam sensor (ecotec too) and then use the 18 x crank trigger, so we fitted the required bits to make it happen.
So with the cam and crank triggers wired into the speeduino i was able to wind the engine over and confirm i got full sync!
I was then able to use a stopper in the cylinder to find and mark TDC so i had a way to dial in the spark reference angle.

To do this though i needed to have a spark to trigger the timing light, so i had to make some coil mounts.
Once id worked out the shape i drew it up in CAD so one day i can get some laser cut.
Once the coil mounts were sorted i was able to get enough wiring sorted for a test fire.

Its clearly not running too well, but its running which given what i've done to get to this point was enough of a win for me! i need to get some headers on it and hopefully then can dial the tune in a bit more!

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Re: Speeduino PCB for Delco Replacement

Post by immortality »

That's awesome, getting rid of the DFI module is a real bonus.
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Re: Speeduino PCB for Delco Replacement

Post by vlad01 »

Nice one! I almost forgot about this project.
I'm the director of VSH (Vlad's Spec Holden), because HSV were doing it ass about.
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