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Re: VY One Tonner

Postby VTXU8 » Tue Jan 10, 2023 4:54 pm

You've been busy. Very handy to have welding skills. Something i'm yet to learn. But then I would need a bigger shed :D

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Re: VY One Tonner

Postby brindo » Wed Jan 18, 2023 9:01 am

If only my welds were half decent. A mate sent me this and its pretty accurate.
Grinder Meme.jpg
Grinder Meme.jpg (16.67 KiB) Viewed 192 times

Been wanting to make a new tray for my one tonner for quite some time now. When I originally bought it, it had an extra-long tray on it and it looked pig ugly with a lot of overhang. As fate would have it, we were loading some long sections of waste concrete in it with a Linsell hoist and ended up bending the back of the tray down by around 4”. We straightened it by loading it again with more concrete and lifting it by the tray corner with the same Linsell hoist. We had the back wheels in the air, but magically the tray was within a few mm of being straight again. But clearly had a weak point in the c purlin where it had bent. So I set about trying to find a replacement and I managed to find one of the factory “sports” trays in Musswellbrook. It was a solid 1700km drive in one day but bought it and ditched the extra-long one.

It looks a lot better but regardless of what tray is on these utes, all you get to see in your side mirrors is the tray and headboard. And it would still drag a lot of air. Over the years I had saved a few photos of some pretty neat trays that other people had made and wanted something similar. So that was the motivation for wanting to make a new one.

Plan was to make a steel frame, and use an alloy floor plank system which should be strong enough while keeping the weight down. I didn’t want to have something that looked good, but weighed half a tonne. And my goal was to have a headboard that followed the lines of the cab which shouldn’t drag too much air while improving side mirror visibility. The top of the headboard would be around cab height and when I need to use the hoop for a ladder rack, I could just bolt an extension on to it so whatever is up there clears the cab. I also wanted to drop the whole thing down closer to the chassis to lower the loading height a bit and the centre of gravity. For the rear tail light section, I was really hoping to replicate something along the lines of a HQ sedan only with 3 rectangle lights each side. I figure something like that would look pretty neat, but I was honest that is well outside my skill level, so will have to settle on something a lot simpler.

Like most things I’d made a few starts on it ages ago but it never really progressed very far. I bought the steel. Had a crack at making the tail light section. And then paid a mob to get the headboard bent up and that is when it lost momentum as it came back completely wrong. They assured me it could be bent up one piece, but what I got was a 5 piece jigsaw puzzle that wasn’t going to work. I would have been better off buying mandrel bends and piecing it together like that. But that how it sat for a while taking up room in my shed.

Then as more fate would have it, a truck got caught on the back of the ute while it was parked in the local shopping centre last year. I had parked it in my usual spot which is right out of the way, and I was actually fairly proud of how neatly I got it in between the lines for a change. But came back to find the front still between the lines, but the back end had been dragged over into the next car park. Anyway the truck driver was pretty upset, genuinely sorry and importantly had the decency to hang around. Surprisingly no real damage done. But it was the motivation I needed to get cracking on making this tray again.

Anyway, have made a start on it again. But during that time the pricing of standard ute tray floor planks has got out of hand - when I started they were less than $28 each, but are around $150 each now so will use the old floor planks from the original tray. I had a complete rethink on the headboard and cut and shut it as best I could. It’s not what I wanted, and certainly not as good as what I have seen on other trays but looks OK (from a distance). The outer frame is made and all welded up and have fabricated new mounts to set it down by 50mm. There is fairly limited scope to drop them down too much and still have clearance to the tyres. I didn’t want wheel tubs in the tray, so 50mm it is. Bought some LED tail lights and recessed them in the rear bar. They are a larger sequential indicator style - not so keen on the slim line lights that don’t offer a lot of visibility – I think you kind of need to be seen and at least these can be seen. It nothing nearly as noice as a HQ bumper would be, but it was something that I was able to achieve and still look reasonable.

Anyway this is how is currently sits. Not much to look at right now, but is a work in progress.
Ute Tray.PNG
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Re: VY One Tonner

Postby VTXU8 » Wed Jan 18, 2023 8:56 pm

Mate, it looks good to me. Should look great when finished. And if plans change and you opt for something else, you could weld some bed springs on it and throw a mattress on top and chuck it in the kids room... or big kids room. The Missus will love it :thumbup:


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