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Postby Macca97 » Mon Jul 08, 2019 7:58 pm

Stupid me has gained another project,
went up to rayleigh raceway one weekend for a drift event, loved it, mates have falcons that they drift, ED and a BA, thought i should get into it, but i couldnt bring myself to driving a falcon, team already has a SOHC 4lt in a R33 (yes a dirty falcon motor in a skyline) which is bad enough
so i found myself a L67 ute, its manual, holden, ute and it was cheap so why not. 3:46 diff gears, getrag, has airbags in the rear, and its red so it should be fast.

list to do
strip out the airbags and either throw some coils, or find some coilovers cheap
strip as much weight as possible
hydro handbrake
remove the X pipe from the exhaust and make it a true twin system and probably have it as a side pipe
get the ass end aligned, stick some camber up front and abit more caster
strip interior, leave the stereo, need to have the music while waiting in pits
OH and hopefully learn to drift, ive done it on dirt but never on tar.

pics are coming
why have one 202, when you can have 12 and counting, 30+ car graveyard just for fun aswell

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