1970 LS Swap El Camino

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1970 LS Swap El Camino

Postby B52Bombardier1 » Fri Apr 01, 2022 8:50 pm


Here's my 70 El Camino with an LM7 motor and 4L60E transmission out of a wrecked 150,000 mile 1999 GMC Sierra. All Holley A-Body engine swap parts, mounts, headers, oil pan, etc. American Auto Wire complete wiring harness. She's running pretty good these days and I get 38-40 degree F air out of my Classic Auto Air conditioning system at the meat thermometer stuck into the center vent. Dakota Digital "HDX" SS gauge cluster - love 'em. My PCM devices are now easily done with Tuner Pro RT and either LS Droid, PCM Hammer and with sometimes a little help from Universal Patcher. Lucky for me, this engine had a complete head job done on both heads about 3000 miles before I got it - paid $800 for the motor and $500 for the 4L60E transmission. Not so lucky for me, the 4L60E had to be rebuilt for $2100 shortly after the swap was complete.

And wow, I can now freely admit that I have a slight bit of a hoarding problem with collecting too many PCM's - I'm up to ten. I walk the junk yards on Half Price Sale Days and pick these up for $16 to low twenty bucks USD and I just can't let one rot there in the yard. I just gotta' stop . . . .

This picture was taken at night on a "drive-in" movie set location for a film shot locally here last September and its in post production for reaching theaters this coming October.- an M. Night Shyamalan film.
They needed lots of cars 1974 and older and I got paid $175.00 USD for the effort. That was an interesting night and met a lot of friendly people.


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