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Simtec 56 Maps

Postby Flash2016 » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:56 pm

Hello Tuningfans,

thats my firts Post here. I hope it is the right Forum for my question.

i am searching Maps for my X20XEV 136PS Simtec56 Opel with normal Intake.
I found this 4 Maps:

Rev-Limiter MAP 1X1 0X00647C
Spark advance at middle throttle 12x12 0X006D7F
Spark advance at close throttle 4x4 0X 006D67
Injection at part throttle 12x12 0X006B76

Does anybody know more about this ECU and his MAps?

I would Install a EDS Intake and make new Software for this.

Gretings MK
X20XEV Read Serie 5wk9043 .BIN
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