Enhanced maf tune to 12p way out of range

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Re: Enhanced maf tune to 12p way out of range

Postby Wade » Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:27 pm

As long as I can get something to start with as a base it’d be better than nothing I guess. I did start this tune off by removing a ton of timing straight up. Maybe once I’ve got the fueling a bit better I can look for some more timing. If not at least I’ll have something at least close in the 20-100kpa range to start with. It’ll knock its little hart out from 2600-4000rpm without starting off from around 5deg into boost. So maybe a cam that’ll shift the torque peak further up and help bleed some cylinder pressure off may help. Might even cc the combustion chambers and run the thickest head gaskets I can find too


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