Unfudge E38 tune

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Unfudge E38 tune

Postby Tre-Cool » Fri Nov 18, 2022 10:55 pm

So had a car come in for me to look at with a check engine light, which was logging dtc's for anti-theft etc.

Could start, drives etc. pull the key out and the car would keep running for about 30 seconds.

Pull the tune out & it's a custom HPT that correlates to 12624402 os. ecu is reporting not secured at this point (checked tis & the os matched)

So i flashed in a stock efilive file over top, all good. go home for the day. next day go to flash it again and it's locked. MOFO...

Pull the ecu out & noticed straight away that some1 has used a later service number ecu in it, that should of had os 12639270 in it.

So queue a week later i get the unlock code to read it out. read it with the original code & set it back to default for another read.

Figured I'll try my luck doing a reprogram with SPS since it well runs... Nope. Get a unknown hardware error when it's checking.

So, now i can try my luck using taz flash tool to write a 12624402 os into it (change vin via efilive after) & then try my luck again with SPS but I'm curious to know if sps will think the security is all wrong & require me to relink again?

Also, would anyone be able to grab me a bin file of that OS with the VIN -6G1EX55W99L179819.

I've got a few days as im away till wednesday

GM E38 2022-11-18 18-09-06.bin
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Re: Unfudge E38 tune

Postby gmtech825 » Fri Nov 18, 2022 11:08 pm

if you use a y cable you can try sending the correct key, and sps will see the successful unlock and proceed with writing..if it's timed right. I can possibly get you the sps .bin segments and construct a .bin manually for you if that would work.

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Re: Unfudge E38 tune

Postby Tre-Cool » Fri Nov 18, 2022 11:14 pm

the ecu is now unlocked and running a factory os, i think because the actual data is all messed up it doesn't know what to do. which is bizarre in that someone must have gotten sps to program it at some stage..

normally id expect the ecu to be bricked when some1 writes the wrong os in hpt to an ecu.

for instance the tune does not have vats turned off, so im wondering how on earth its starting.

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