6/71 blown vr Stateo

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6/71 blown vr Stateo

Postby hot308vb » Tue Feb 04, 2020 9:52 am

Heres a good mates statesman i've been helping him with. So far we've done removed the lsd for a spool in the 3.7 diff and then put a built powerglide with 4k stall in after drunk shed skids killed the 4l60e lol
But anyway as you do you want more power so he got himself a full supercharger kit to put on the worked 5L so on the arvo getting back from summernats he was pulling this apart in preparation.
Currently only just got it running properly with spark only 424 with 3bar map sensor but due to big vacuum leak under blower needing the charger to be lifted off to rectify.
We want to get some street tuning done soon but don't know how the plod will take it haha
More updates when they happen
Max wedge manifold
Full paint 2weeks before the nats lol

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