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Re: OSE 12P V112

Postby DixiePicker » Sat Aug 31, 2019 3:44 am

CLOSED LOOP Fuel Control using $12P
454 cu in/7.4L 4L80-E ECM = US 165 US TCM.
1 Bar Map MAP A and B flags unchecked.
Heated O2 - Denso - Flex set up to enable htr RPM vs Temp
No NVRAM. Using APU1 and/or PROM attempted for C Loop
Beginning cal was 5.7L posted with changes in VE, cold, Spark ect.
Wiring correct / Grd measured with DVOM from Bat N(earth) to ECM Earth back probe & engine running.
No Wideband functional at ECM yet. Wideband connected to pin @ ECM but Innovate controller not set up. ADX WB reads 7.30 and back probe ECM Pin = 6.3 V KeyOn, Eng stopped, heater ran 5 min on WB. (Brown wire from AF cntrl. Innovate WB gauge functional and recal done. Working well.)
No DTC/Codes set
The BLM/INT remain at 128. Same with STFT/LTFT.
Coolant temp at 90 C - C/L temp cal = 44 C
VE Learn Flag set On or OFF will not allow Closed Loop & Learn Control
Wide Band Learn Cntrl Flag is not set/unchecked
Have road speed on 1 hour drive
O2 threshold cals @ 0.40 low / 0.60 hi Volts
Can move fueling with VE Table MAP A.
O2 Ready flag = SET
O2 cross counts 1 to 7 or so. Higher on drive at steady TPS & Load when VE closer to 14.1, My Stoich = 14.1 - 10-14% Ethanol in Petrol here
Data reads:
Closed Loop = Open
Closed Loop Idle = Set
BLM and INT read 128 with no movement. (STFT & LTFT same)

Innovate AF Gu reads 14.1 to 15.2 or where VE is moved. VE change tracks on O2 Volts and AF Gu.
Can use Mode 4 control to Force Closed Loop and Closed Loop will = Closed - Learn control = disabled. BLM & INT always at 128. (Force Closed Loop is not in the $12P ADX zip file. Added and other M-4 cntrls)

Is "Closed Loop" for fuel control/Trim as US OEM calibration? Modifying BLM/INT.

What am I missing to gain Closed Loop Fuel control?

I take it that Closed Loop Idle for spark control for idle stabilization vs IAC?

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Re: OSE 12P V112

Postby delcowizzid » Sat Aug 31, 2019 11:59 am

If you changed the value for stoich in the scalers you need to change the areas with 14.7 in the open loop airfuel ratio table to the same value so it goes closed loop
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Re: OSE 12P V112

Postby DixiePicker » Thu Nov 28, 2019 8:59 am

On cold starts, 10-30 degC, engine starts then quickly stalls. Second start, will run 90% of the time. Trace files show parameter "Decel Enleanment Applied To BPW" ramps to 100% with Injector pulse width runs to 0.00ms at stall. Changed many DE cals, only one has stopped this on a start up: "DE - DE Coolant factor vs Coolant Temp". Setting start temp cals (-28 to 44 C) to 0.00 to obtain a "clean" start and run. Any amount of fuel in the Second crank will not overcome the DE.
Worked with this and some other start problems. Now last remaining problem. Use a Small diameter US HEI distributor. Shaft magnet lost strength after 20 years sitting. 3k miles. Looking back through the logs show DE Applied to BPW doing this from the beginning the of the project.
Any suggestions would be helpful.

Many Thanks to Delcowizzid on the stoich in the scalers set to 14.1 AF ratio. Runs Closed Loop. It struggles with camshaft and low P/N 700 rpm/Dr 650 rpm idle spd. Int .527" lift / Ex .552" Dur 302/304

One area I added to - Mode 4. Added/Developed 31 more Mode 4 commands. "Add/Subtract 2.5*, 5*, 7.5*, 10* ect degrees of spark", helped during warm up as periods are short. Faster development. I butchered the Petrol CalcVE adx but can add Mode 4 to adx from zip for others if you'd like them. M4 list 95% verified functional. No NVRam board. Emulate thru Moates APU1. External ALDL from APU1.
Plans are to post set up and bin to share when cal development is closer.

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Re: OSE 12P V112

Postby pman92 » Thu Nov 28, 2019 10:43 am

Does idle speed initially go way above target when engine starts?
Maybe check throttle stop/IAC steps when warm.
I think there's also a minimum RPM for DE, maybe set it so there's no DE below 1500/2000 RPM?
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Re: OSE 12P V112

Postby DixiePicker » Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:57 am

I get aprox 9 frames per sec. As the crank speed begins to rise above starter speed, DE Applied to BPW begins to ramp in as RPM rises. BPW decreases to zero - stall.
The Idle speed does go above the desired when the 2nd start will run the engine. The Idle speed voltage rpm is at 1200 @ the 9.6 volt. I lowered this now. IAC parked was more than some posted bins.
How does DE increase as RPM begins to RISE from starter speed?
I find no Min rpm for any DE cal.
When completed for the days work, I disconnect the battery grounds. Theft & drain. Starter is New OEM Gear reduction. Cables = Welding cable soldered copper ends. + & -
Cals for "DE - DE Coolant factor vs Coolant Temp" on this start are set at 1.00 in the start temp range with surrounding temps same @ 1.00. Most all DE scalers are set to beginning cal except on from 0.01 to 0.05. Starting cal I used = VK355.bin. all other V-8 bins compared in this area.
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