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Postby 80gus » Sat Jun 16, 2018 9:14 pm

So i'm kind of board and started playing around with tunerpro. I am a slow learner sometimes and this is proving to be one of these times, be easy if i had an example to follow that i just cant seem to find!

I'm trying to make a xdf to show String such as operating system, VIN, years ect. Antus has been helping a little bit, but thought id post up and see if others could chime in and point me in the correct direction.
I'm kind of hoping someone can help make a sample XDF i and others can follow,
Ive created a test Bin that has wording PCMHACKINGFORLIFE to replicate a vin, 2018 as a year indicator, abc-123 to replicate a operating system.
Ultimate goal is so i can read this information without searching manually through the hex and even potentially change it without manually editing hex.

I found this from the tunerpro forum.

Create an XDF table and select "ASCII String" as the output type. Set the number of rows or columns to match the number of characters in the string, and set the address to where the string starts in the bin. That should result in a table of cells each containing an ASCII character in the string.

attached is a small sample Antus put together, and a test bin.
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