Tuning VE - Options for a DIY Guy

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Tuning VE - Options for a DIY Guy

Postby Scott68B » Thu Nov 28, 2019 6:33 am

Hi everyone,

I have an LS4 in my MGB with an 0411 using the 12202088 OS. I've had a mail order tune since I got the car on the road. It isn't absolutely perfect but the guy did an amazing job on it.

So with all the new tools, LS Droid, PCM Hammer plus TunerPRO, I'm at the point now where I'm ready to tune starting with VE. I've looked around but don't see anything for tuning VE for the DIY'er with these tools. What is everyone else using?

I'm working to get an Excel spreadsheet to calculate averages and get it to the point of being able to paste the calculated changes into the VE table in TunerPRO. It's a lot of work which is why I am asking for alternatives if there are any.


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Re: Tuning VE - Options for a DIY Guy

Postby Scott68B » Thu Dec 05, 2019 10:35 am

Guess there aren't any alternatives at least as far as anyone who's read this thread knows or is willing to share. So the following is what I've been doing in an attempt to create a tool for myself to help tune VE in my 0411. First, I have to give all the credit to the Code 59 guys for putting the original Autotune spreadsheet together. They did all the heavy lifting and I just built upon what they have done. Second, what I have so far is not nearly done and more importantly it hasn't been tested so I have no idea if my calculations are even close. I have based what I have done on the document located in the first post in this link:


I'm not sure it is accurate but it is about the only information I've found that goes into any detail.

Basically, you past your current VE table from TunerPro into the "Current" VE section and your current log file into the raw data tab and the spreadsheet sorts through the log and groups the MAP and RPM values into the proper 12202088 VE table MAP and RPM pairings. The averages of the LTFT data are placed in an LTFT average table and the averages of the STFT are place into an STFT table. These average tables are then applied to the current VE table data. I've applied them to the data in two different ways. For use in initial tuning both the LTFT and STFT averages are added together and applied to the current VE table data and for the final fine tuning, there is a table that applies the STFT averages only to the current VE table. I have probably gone into too much detail for most of you. Below are some images of the spreadsheet that may help. I'm currently using the OBDLink software to log on my tablet but when NSFW gets his logging application in place I'm going to switch to it for my logging and will modify the spreadsheet to use it.

It is very possible what I have here is complete garbage or it needs a lot of work so I am open to constructive suggestions and criticism from the members here should anyone want to offer them. Winter is starting in my part of the world so I'm going to be pulling my car off the road for some winter updates in the next couple of days and I'm not going to be able to do any testing of this until spring unfortunately. In the meantime, I'm going to concentrate on fixing all the bugs I'm aware of and incorporating any good suggestions I may get from this post. I'm not opposed to sharing this once I feel it is ready if there is interest.


Spreadsheet 1.jpg

Spreadsheet 2.jpg

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