Can not connect to ECU after Upload

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Re: Can not connect to ECU after Upload

Postby antus » Fri Nov 08, 2019 12:32 pm

Good to hear! The biggest gotcha is a default setting in oseplugin - calibration area only. This is a speed optimisation so that if you hit download tunerpro asks for the whole download and the plugin only returns the calibration area - the 12P code area is blank. This is fine if you upload it with oseplugin as that wont write the program area same as it wont read it, or with ose flash tool _as a cal_ as it also wont touch the 12P code area. If you upload this file with ose flash tool, as a bin, then it will erase the 12P code and you'll end up in the state your in.

Other possibility is you uploaded something that wasnt a 12P calibration or bin at all.

Its worth keeping these in mind, and you should be fine.

If you want to download a complete bin with oseplugin you can go to the oseplugin options and uncheck "download calibration area only". I wouldnt recommend this though. Its simpler to think of oseplugin for calibrations, and every now and then do a 'get bin' with ose flash tool and keep that one clearly labled as a full copy which you can burn to a memcal if you need to.
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