EOI Help wanted VT V6 S/C

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EOI Help wanted VT V6 S/C

Postby L67VSTY » Wed May 01, 2019 9:28 pm

Hi All I would like some help understanding the EOI spreadsheet or any help how to adjust the EOI.
I have setup the transmission shift, PE and AFR.
Its a VT V6 SC with The 1's enhanced bin.

The Enhanced Mod General Information states
"Simply enter your Intake Valve Duration 0.050” Spec into the yellow box, then find your Intake Valve Open Degrees 0.050” in the right hand column.................."

I have downloaded the EOI calculator.xls from The1's enhanced Factory Bins page under the heading of Tuning Aides but can't find any yellow boxes and looking at this spreadsheet there are many tables that i am not understanding or which boxes require input.

Any help would be great & how many degrees are people approximately changing the figures?


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Re: EOI Help wanted

Postby The1 » Wed May 01, 2019 9:45 pm

To use the spreadsheet you can only enter data into the blue "Required Data" cells, it will calculate the rest. The top left cells you enter your camshaft details. Then below you can adjust the EOI values to adjust the Range to display, the top of the spreadsheet with the slider is the entire crank rotation with the IV and EV plotted against it to show when it opens and closes.

The spreadsheet is a visual aide to visualize the cam and crank and where the valves are opening and shutting and the crank angle so you can get your EOI Value. To tune EOI the best way is on a dyno holding the engine at each cell static and tuning up and down to find the sweet spot. Otherwise if you have a Road you can test on with the same load repeat ability, then run it up and record MAF Hz, then change the values and do it again and see if you've pulled more air in or not. EOI on stock cam is only worth prob 1-2 HP at best, if you have a custom cam or FI as well then there are gains to be had. You also will need larger injectors, as like stock injectors on a stock engine are already 80+ Duty cycle at WOT, so it's already injecting for most of the intake cycle, so there is no room to adjust EOI. I ran 42LB injectors on my ecotec with Rockers to gain 1-2HP with EOI Changes and spent along time tuning through each cell.

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