Remembering how to get things going again.

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Remembering how to get things going again.

Postby Xnke » Tue Jun 18, 2019 1:17 pm

It's been a long two years since I started with this truck. Made the absolute minimum changes needed to drive it, and it's been running ever since.

Got a new laptop, two years of good service, and 20K miles on the engine, and I'm back in the mood to fool around with it. It's my daily, and it's stone cold reliable, blower and janky transmission included.

Attached are the tune I've been driving on, two datalogs of mostly highway driving, the ADX and XDF I have been working on with Charley86 here. It's been a long time, but I'm finally ready to go back to work on refining this tune and making the edits needed.

Anyone care to have a look and see how things are going? I know there's a lot of crap going on here-there is a lot that needs attention both in modifications to the operating system, and in the tuning, and some possible wiring changes-The brake switch for seems to believe the brake is always pressed.

Anyway, here's the rundown:

3.4L V6, alloy heads, Eaton M90 supercharger. 36Lb/hr L67 Series 3 injectors, 58PSI fuel pressure. Heads ported, with intake flows 218CFM, exhaust is 1-5/8" diameter primaries, 34" to primary merge, 14" secondaries, total length to merge 48".
(239.47 KiB) Downloaded 75 times
(327.83 KiB) Downloaded 69 times
pull from truck.bin
(64 KiB) Downloaded 72 times
P66 V6.adx
(162.03 KiB) Downloaded 76 times
P66 V6-modded by jakeVersion5-1-1.xdf
(830.16 KiB) Downloaded 75 times

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