Does anyone know if an Immoboliser bypass exists on VR-VZ

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Re: Does anyone know if an Immoboliser bypass exists on VR-V

Postby admir87 » Tue Jun 25, 2019 8:19 pm

yoda69 wrote:Keys have a rolling code, sometimes it can loose synch with the BCM and not work, to resynch you need to put key in the ignition. When you get a key cloned at mister minute or similar this is why they want you start car with new key. Not sure how far back history for the rolling code goes so with cloned keys it’s possible to get out of synch.
To me it sounds like they had a cloned key that was linked to the BCM but was out of synch. Open door, alarm goes off, put key in ignition and turn to start, alarm goes off, car starts and drives away.
Could be a previous owner still had a key, was cloned during a service, or if you got a key cut they did a second one as well.
There maybe somebody with more smarts out there that has found away around, but nothing I’m aware of that can be done in a few seconds.

How does the rolling code thing work?
The car's previous owner lived 200km away, and was a Police detective. So I doubt it was him. But the car did get serviced at a few places so that's a possibility!!!

Can the Mr Minit people clone a key from the BCM security code alone? Or do they have to have a physical key to do it with?

I had a locksmith who I have known for a long time, clone a key for me once, but he does it differently. When he does it, the key works straight away, remote and all. No need to put it in the ignition first. He can also read which position the key is programmed on(for memory seats, etc). And when he clones it, it stays on the position that your original key was. So for instance if your key was on position 3, the new key will also be on position 3.

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Re: Does anyone know if an Immoboliser bypass exists on VR-V

Postby Tazzi » Wed Jun 26, 2019 10:45 am

Theres devices out there which can clone our Holden VR-VZ keys. I havent tried them, but one of our key local places uses one.


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