Lean start issue.

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Lean start issue.

Postby Thmpar » Wed Jul 31, 2019 11:26 pm

Hi everyone.
I have a turbo 304 in a statesman, have sorted most of the tune but now I have a couple
Of lean areas that I can’t find the tables to correct them. But they have only come around since sorting out the VE tables.
First one is cold start it runs mid 12’s for about 2 mins and then leans off and will stall out if left just idling. One temp starts to come up it disappears and is good as gold.

Second is warm and hot restart it idles mid 13’s for 30 seconds and leans out and will stall if allowed to.
This only happens for about a minute or so and disappears altogether.

If you could point me the direction of which tables I’m after that would be great.

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