(NOVEL) Running in an l67 on stock pcm or LS1 pcm?

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(NOVEL) Running in an l67 on stock pcm or LS1 pcm?

Postby harrop.senator » Wed Aug 04, 2021 10:15 am

Hey guys background I have way to many projects mainly due to mates that are qualified in other trades and they didn't finish what they started.

So I chose the closest car to finished that I could complete or afford shops to do what I couldnt. I did the heads up , bought a cam , intercooler set up and injectors a year n a half ago or so.

After pulling down 2 l36's and 3 l67's and not being happy with the bores . It was put aside for a bit due to life.

So at Christmas I sold my daily because it was $14.50 a. Day to park at work free for bikes. So started riding again sold the Hyundai and ordered some used but new in box + .020 hypatecs and some used new in box spool rods thinking it'd be running by winter.

I've gotten pretty disheartened as I've only had a car the last couple months and been able to get to work in the storms because my girlfriend's mum passed, she got her car. So my girlfriend gave me back the statesman I'd bought her as a birthday present a year or so back.

I put the Block and associated pieces into the machine shop I've used for years. But wa is booming with mod work he's a one man show and does look after me. So 6 months later I've finally got it back lol.

I'd like to have it on the road for 4-5k which I thought was totally doable but now I'm not sure?

I'll start with everything I have.
: .020 over bore torque plate hone.
Spool rods upgraded fasteners factory balanced.
Hypatec pistons with a tenth gram balance
Doweled factory polished crank 10k rpm balanced
Align honed and main studded
Deleted and removed balance Shaft
Powerbond 5% overdrive SFI balancer
Chrome Moly flywheel
216/224 camshaft
LS Johnson lifters
Dual row timing chain
Machined oil pump cover
Heads and block decked as little as possible
Cleaned up heads with 150lb springs and stack heights set
Spring bases and guides ground , valves polished machined for viton seals
Ported Lim , a2a

Now I had rung around a lot a year and a half to two years ago before I'd ordered a conversion harness . The harness was finally finished and paid for last week. I've rung around I've literally had a couple people laugh at me " find someone who needs the work! I can do a $900 LS tune in an hour or two. "

2 that are semi interested can't guarantee the rings will bed due to how important first fifteen minutes is. Even if dyno ran in.

They're saying $1200 minimum for a run in tune and then a retune later or a couple grand and they'll do break in. A rest , re check and full flex power tune if the rings seated well in the first hour or so.

They were also trying to talk me into going a 2000 haltech and using the custom harness at $3500 or so including tune. I'd known the 3.5-4 price when I started , haltech plug in wasn't compatible nor was a 1500 and it's the reason I went the LS1 pcm.

Need to do fuel lines still.
I still need to make an exhaust for it. Will be trying to do it myself and see how far I get.

The cooler piping will be fabricated by a pro as I can't Tig.
That'll probably be $500-1000 pending if they can just weld the aluminium bends I have for less couplers. So really I wanted 2k not in tuning out that budget for that plus issues.

With a 4-5k budget for back on the road would you

A: break it in with a stock harness extended and a good safe memcal and I assemble the motor with a stock camshaft , no intercooler and a stock size modular pulley? If so would you road break it in while using live data to read 02 sensors and knock sensors? Or have it dyno ran in with this configuration?

B: stock camshaft and the LS1 pcm set up with the base map supplied and being live tuned and monitored on rollers no intercooler stock injectors?

C: fit the intercooler , cam , 80lb injectors and run a haltech in the self tune mode for break in. Completely blow the budget and maybe its done by Christmas.

D: fit the cam but stock injectors for break in tune with LS1 pcm on base map. Then do an intercooler and injector install and take back for the full hog after 1000kms.

I already have all studs/bolts
Water pump
Plug sets
New dfi module and coils
Big pump.

There's always things you forget and run into along the way. As said I'm just really disheartened that things haven't worked out as planned. I thought the budget was big enough at 10 grand to get it on the road when the motor and associated parts were only 5. Just want some opinions on what you guys would do?

Regardless of the outcome I've got to finish this and see if all the ball ache is worth it and then finish others or do a major cull of project cars. I've probably spent 200k on cars in 14 years and haven't had a cool one running in 4 years and been working on some for 9 at this point I think I'd have been better off spending it on drugs and women.

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