Burst knock and tcc lock unlock

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Burst knock and tcc lock unlock

Postby vp304 » Sun Aug 15, 2021 8:07 pm

Yes another thread started by me heheh.
Basic run down l67 swap into vr commodore auto running 11p on factory ecu and factory vr 95 model auto.

Car is running good tho i have new job and doing a lot of 80kph driving to and from have noticed i am getting burst knock by sound of it (can hear in cabin )
Only when the Torque converter is locked tho.
At around 80 kph tcc locks up.
When i press tps to say 35% to 50% or so i am getting around 3 deg sometimes of knock retard.
Only at this point at around 80 kph to around 90kph when the tcc is locked. Is good at every other time well cant hear it in the drivers seat.

Today i played with the tcc lock and unlock hoping to get it to unlock easier. But now with latest settings on the screen shot below i am not getting tcc lock till around 85kph or so.

Air fuel ratios and timing are pretty good all round to me and have ran up on a mates dyno etc.
I could swear the knock was not there up until a few weeks ago when i leaned of on the air fuel and Ae in the tune tho? Could a Accelerator enrichment lean spot cause this ?

Any ideas what i can do to fix this ?
Would like tcc lockup to be at 80kph as most / half of my trip is at 80kph now to and from work.

Any help will be appreciated
Have also included short log of today locking and unlocking tcc while driving at around 80kph or so.
burst knock tcc.xdl
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Burst knock aug 2021.jpg
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