LS1 - STFT swing +/-10%

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LS1 - STFT swing +/-10%

Postby JohnDee68 » Fri Sep 03, 2021 9:41 pm

Hi Guys,
a friends LS1 Statesman 2004 has got less pick up and go over the years he has had it.

When we did a highway run with a scan tool viewing live data, we noticed the STFT were swinging from around -10% to +10%, almost as often as the O2 sensors do. It also has a rough idle.

Plugs and leads have been changed previously, without success of fixing the lack of power. He is suspecting issues with the Injectors as in not performing a good spray or breaking down and not been replaced by him at all in over 4 years. Could it also be coil packs, or would that not show STFT swing?

I would be interested in others thoughts and experience with similar issue.


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