OSEPlugin for Tunerpro 5 v1.80

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OSEPlugin for Tunerpro 5 v1.80

Post by antus »

This is a Tuner Pro 5 plugin to enable realtime tuning while logging with NVRAM equipped ecus and realtime capable code.

Download Here:
(59.37 KiB) Downloaded 2595 times
Released 20-July-2020

NVRAM hardware is available here http://pcmhacking.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3612 and http://pcmhacking.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3617
Boards to convert delco '808 ecus to high speeds comms are available here: http://pcmhacking.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3613 and ALDL Interfaces are here: http://pcmhacking.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3616

See the hardware and software guide under FAQ up in the top right hand corner to see what hardware you need for your application.

Note that plugin version 2 is only for dual 808s 808s running a V12 applications running with one 6 cyl computer on each half of the engine. This version is known to be problematic with MAF PCMs, and 11P. Please continue to use v1.80 above for all other use cases.
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Released 28-March-2016, tested on Windows XP, 7 and 10.

oseplugin realtime.jpg
oseplugin realtime.jpg (173.23 KiB) Viewed 70443 times
Quick Start:

The plugin should be extracted from the zip and copied to My Documents\TunerPro Files\Plugins. This is the default location selected by the oseplugin-180 installer.

Then run Tuner Pro and pick Tools then Preferences then pick the "Data Acq./Emulation" tab. Then change "interface type" to "use plugin" and "OSE Plugin" for both of Data Acquisition and Emulation.
v2.02 preferences.png
v2.02 preferences.png (15.96 KiB) Viewed 57116 times
Attach your USB->Serial adaptor or USB vehicle interface, and power it up. When windows has loaded the drivers for the device, Click either configure button. Pick your com port from the list.
v2.02 config.png
v2.02 config.png (13.56 KiB) Viewed 57116 times
If you are using an OBD style ALDL interface, select echo
If you are using a modified '808 with a pcmhacking interface, select echo.
If you can not connect to a modified '808 with echo selected, try it with it deselected. Echo is more common, but both types of interface exist.

If you are connecting to a VT/VX/VY Commodore then select the correct vehicle type.
If you are connecting to a VN to VS Commodore or a pcm on the bench select vehicle type "other".

Port 2 is for running dual 6 cylinder computers on a V12 engine - for normal applications leave Port 2 set to "None".

Click OK to save the plugin configuration.

On tunerpro click the 'Initialize Emulation Hardware' button (A). Tunerpro should beep and name your hardware at the bottom of the screen eg "hardware: OSE12 Pro V1.1.1". Load the appropriate XDF (bin file definition) and ADX (Logging data stream definition) for your configuration. You should now be able to start logging (button B) and emulate (requires running from NVRAM, button C) as well as download from or upload to the complete tune (D). For logging bubble tracing hit E (shows on fuel/spark tables where the ecu is looking up data from - supported XDF/ADX only). The Dash, Data list, Data history and monitors views are labeled F.
get started.png
get started.png (33.31 KiB) Viewed 68914 times
Recommended detailed usage and configuration guide:
TunerPro RT Setup using OSEPlugin V140.pdf
(2.64 MiB) Downloaded 3805 times
Known Problems:
* V2.x has problems with MAF PCMs. There is no intention to fix this. Use version 1 instead. Version two is really only for forum user Jenko's boat. But if anyone else wants to run 2 6 cylinder on a v12 engine v2 is for you too.
* If the car is a VR realtime, chatter must be disabled before detection. This can be done via the flashtool, or by loading the logging adx and beginning to log before hitting detect.
* If anyone using a VR realtime wishes to help improve the VR situation and doesnt mind spending some testing for me, please send me a PM.

* Updated code to Visual C 2017
* No longer requires VC 2010 runtimes
* Disables chatter on PCM vehicles as required

* Fixed a bug when writing to 2 pcms where the data was not correctly saving to the second pcm. Single PCM use was not affected. Thanks to Jenko for the bug report.

* Support tuning 2 ECM/PCMs at once for V12 applications running with 2 v6 computers
* Added better error checking for bad user configuration and pop-up dialogs where it made sense on initialisation
* Improved logging (with microsoft dbgview)
* Improved serial data engine
* Fix support for some kalmaker versions
* Other small bug fixes
* Testing now includes windows 10

* implement verification. You can now use TunerPro's verification function to compare a loaded calibration to whats on the NVRAM.
* support a new ignition module firmware

* prevent excessive dialogs when selected com port is not present on system
* fix reading complete bin in 11P development version

* added an error message suggesting things to check on failure to connect
* updated documentation
* added and improved debug output for resolving problems
* Run http://technet.microsoft.com/en-au/sysi ... 96647.aspx while using the plugin to see debug information

* experimental option to silence chatter when connecting (VT/VX/VY/VU)
* connection to VT pcms in vehicle without unplugging BCM

* added support for the upcoming ose $11p
* added support for bins with pcmhacking.net ID strings

* fixed detection of VR auto realtime

* fixed an issue with write on VS and newer (cal area does not begin at zero). If you have a VS/VT/VX/VY pcm, you should update to this version.

* fixed large block upload issue

* Improved comms handling code for quicker ALDL turnaround.
* Reworked config page
* Bug fixes
* Added support for OSE Custom Ignition Modules (to be released).

* Added support for 38400 baud to use with passthrough mode on VL400s hardware logger

* fix a read bug introduced in 1.30 which lost the last byte of the cal area on a cal read and caused false warnings about version mismatches when sending the cal block back to your pcm

v1.30[04-october-2012] (removed due to bug fixed in 1.31)
* add support for version 2 realtime bins
* option to read whole bin (not just calibration area)

v1.25 [04-july-2012]
*add support for early enhanced bins.
*print more information at the bottom of the screen when emulating enhanced bins.

v1.24 [13-April-2011]
*fix another crash when stopping/starting car while logging/saving
*added proper buffer purging when tunerpro requests it in passthrough mode

v1.23 [06-April-2011]
* fix crash when stopping/starting car while logging
* fix 12p echo mode sync issue
* update to visual studio 2010
* now asks the system for available comports and lists all of them in the configuration box. Can now use com ports above 10
* new passthrough mode - if no known device is detected, it'll go in to 'passthrough mode' meaning you can leave the plugin selected and log any vehicle with the right adx.

v1.21 stability fix when logging without emulating

v1.20 update to tunerpro v5.00.7004.00
* fixed buffer overflow for vt supercharged realtime bin
* support for updated TP API meaning the user no longer needs to care about two places to set echo.
* The echo setting inside the ADX no longer matters. You still need to ensure the echo setting in the plugin is correct.

v1.12 fixed error dialog when emulating

v1.11 fixed 'com port does not exist' error handling (crash).

v1.10 tested against Tunerpro V5.00.6356.00
better handing of data collisions on the ALDL bus and bus chatter
supports VR/VS/VT/VX SC/VY SC PCMs.
fixed error reporting of failed uploads.

v1.00 First Public Release (tested against Tunerpro V5.00.6356.00)

(18.86 KiB) Downloaded 1265 times
(17.73 KiB) Downloaded 4202 times
(17.28 KiB) Downloaded 1494 times
Released 01-February-2014
(17.41 KiB) Downloaded 1064 times
(17.29 KiB) Downloaded 1334 times
(16.53 KiB) Downloaded 1084 times
(16.44 KiB) Downloaded 1103 times
(16.45 KiB) Downloaded 1244 times
plugin path.png
plugin path.png (51.3 KiB) Viewed 68914 times
Released 2012-11-02
(16.72 KiB) Downloaded 1272 times
Have you read the FAQ? For lots of information and links to significant threads see here: http://pcmhacking.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1396
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Re: OSEPlugin for Tunerpro 5

Post by VL400 »

Big :thumbup: :thumbup: for getting this to work, RT and logging without virtual ports is so much nicer :D Very nicely done :punk:
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Re: OSEPlugin for Tunerpro 5

Post by Dec_head »

is this the one i have been waiting for ? does it work with the usb cable ?
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Re: OSEPlugin for Tunerpro 5

Post by VL400 »

Yes and yes :D
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Re: OSEPlugin for Tunerpro 5

Post by jacomms »


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Re: OSEPlugin for Tunerpro 5

Post by Dec_head »

Great work will be playing today thanks
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Re: OSEPlugin for Tunerpro 5

Post by Holden202T »

another thing to add for those that arn't aware.

when you are emulating, if you open a table and change something you need to hit the update button at the top of the table for it to update.

so if you wanted to update more than one cell, do all that, then hit update and it will update the whole table changes in one go!
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Re: OSEPlugin for Tunerpro 5

Post by Jayme »

also for those on win7 and vista, the plugin goes into Documents\TunerPro Files\Plugins
you have to create the Plugins folder.
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Re: OSEPlugin for Tunerpro 5

Post by Dec_head »

I am such an idiot sometimes i was trying to use this in conjunction with flashtool guess it was out of habit and i couldn't get it working duh.
All good now :thumbup: seems to be working fine and straight forward.
Just have to migrate everything into tp5 and v 110 etc should be good to go great work .
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Re: OSEPlugin for Tunerpro 5

Post by vn5000 »

Exellent update for OSE .Nice work ANTUS and JAYME. :punk:
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