New TunerPro build released.

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New TunerPro build released.

Postby Ken » Thu Nov 26, 2020 12:08 am

Looks like a new build was released for download 2 days ago, 5.00.9237.

TunerProRT Download
TunerProFree Download

. Upgraded to Visual Studio 2019 toolset. Windows XP is no longer supported, as of this build! You can download build 9209 below if you need to run on Windows XP.
. Updated the max baud rate for ADX serial communication to 2Mbit (from 921600).
. Added the ability to disable tx and/or rx purging when sending ADX SendCommands and ListenSilence commands.
These are checkboxes in the ADX Command editor for these. (TunerPro RT)
. Fixed issue where, when calculating multiple bin checksums, if one checksum calculation failed but the next succeeded, TunerPro did not report the failed checksum.
. Fixed issue where categories numbered higher than 255 couldn't be set for XDF items
. Minor bug fixes

I got an error stating that tunerpro couldn't start because of MSVCR120.DLL missing from my Windows 7 x64 system, even though the program installed MSVC, haven't taken the time to pull files from the installer to see if it was included, though sourced them from another system.
(960.03 KiB) Downloaded 58 times

Fixed the problem placing the 64bit in the syswow64 folder, if your systems x86, stick the x86 one in the system32 folder.

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