LS1 Engine Loom Connectors

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LS1 Engine Loom Connectors

Postby megajuz3003 » Fri Oct 19, 2018 3:03 pm

I'm in the process of preparing to do some major repairs to my engine harness in my VU SS, the previous owner has butchered it, the entire transmission section including O2 sensor wires were cut and just twisted and taped up plus I have some broken plus around the place. so I'm planning on converting the harness to manual to suit the new box, replace some plugs and generally tidy it up but I have been having issues finding part numbers for the plugs so for the last couple of days I've put together a list of connectors and found what I think is the correct part number from mouser..

thought id upload it here to help others that need it and would love it if anyone else can add to it

EDIT: Uploaded wrong attachment :oops:
LS1 Connectors.pdf
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