VZ Ute speedo not working

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VZ Ute speedo not working

Postby Madmatt2006 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 10:13 am

Hi Guy's :)

back again with a different problem, I finally got the ute to a point that it's now all working except the speedo! :hmm: neither the dial or digital,I have checked a few things.

1. I did the dash test on the car by holding the mode/set buttons and did the cluster check, the speedo popped up to 100 so it seems to be ok. :thumbup:
2. I tested the voltage to the speed sensor in the 6 speed manual it has 12V to pin 1. and pin 2. negative

the speed sensor part number is GM09114603 it has 3 pins, from testing the plug it seems that pin 1. is 12v+ pin 2. in the negative pin 3. is pulse. is that correct?

I tried testing the sensor by hooking 12v to pin 1. and negative to pin 2. the I hooked multi-meter to pin 3. and pin 1. set to dc volts and passed metal by the sensor. no voltage change on multi-meter :wtf:

1. So I was wondering if I had the pinout right for that sensor?
2. also is that the only sensor the speedo talks to for speed?
3. anything else to check?

Thanks Guy's :thumbup:

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