Ford FG/FGX Engine loom connector

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Ford FG/FGX Engine loom connector

Postby pman92 » Mon Jan 06, 2020 3:01 pm

Wondering if anyone has wiring diagrams or pinouts for the main engine loom to body loom connector?

Putting a boss 335 engine from either FG or FGX (unsure) into an FG that previously had a boss 290.

The FG vehicle has a rectangular 24 pin plug (with 4 large pins), same as BA/BF.

The Boss 335 engine loom has a square 42 pin connector.

I've worked out some wires but it would be easier if I had a diagram to work off or a wiring diagram showing the connector and pin numbers in it.

VR-VY Holden BCM Simulator: LINK
Ford Smartlock Bypass Module: LINK

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