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vz stand alone

Postby Arong » Tue Aug 11, 2020 5:04 pm

hi everybody
newb here, i'm trying to figure out how to make a stand alone harness to fit the 5.7l & 4l60e into my hr holden. as i know nothing about modern car wiring i've had to do some research into it. very interesting and also complicated. this site has helped with various pieces of the puzzle but i'm at that stage where i'm just not sure. so i think i know most of the acc/start wires and what needs constant power. i sort of know what to remove from the pcm. ok here's the questions,1 im using the fbw and thinking of keeping the cruise control function(if it's too difficult than i will scrap cruise.) do i need to keep the TAC & PIM for this to work? 2. does anyone have a complete wiring diagram for 05 vz includinging relays & gearbox wiring? i have gathered part of a very good one from here.3. i will run an aftermarket a/c so im guessing it will just run its own relay so then do i remove all this from the pcm? how does the hi low fan system work? i see that there is a small & large fan, is that low/high or is one for a/c? 4. thinking of using a lokar shifter with tip motion , does anyone know what needs to be done to achieve this? 5. i haven't looked but i would think that there is something on here that will let me interact with the pcm and remove the vats.or what does anyone recommend? ok yes i could send it to someone for a grand and get all this done but i don't have that kind of cash and i like to know how things work and make it work. i know i ask a lot :D :D :D

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