0411 PCM O2 Sensor Questions

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0411 PCM O2 Sensor Questions

Postby twenglish1 » Mon Oct 30, 2023 11:01 am

Working on installing LS series engine with 4l60e transmission in my 1984 z28. Using a standalone wiring harness along with an 0411 PCM from a 2002 silverado i believe, vin shows up as question marks, pcm seemed to be wiped when i got it? Flashed an F-Body tune with 12212156 OS to it. All mechanical work and wiring is almost complete as far as integrating stand alone harness with factory body harness. I have confirmed just about everything is working except O2 sensor, i am running a wideband AEM AFR gauge on left bank, it is wired to EGR pintle position input for data logging/tuning purposes. Right bank will use standard narrowband, wired to both O2 inputs, so fuel trims can be used after initial VE tuning. I have not fired the engine up yet, only for a brief second off starter fluid as a quick test. I would like to confirm the function of narrowband o2 sensor on right bank, wiring appears to be correct, but the live data shows all o2 inputs at around 450mv. It appears to fluctuate sitting with key on, engine off, is this value updated anytime key is on? i have tried shorting the two sensor pins together (signal high to signal low) of each O2 sensor harness plug, this should show up as 0mv on the sensor data however i am seeing no change, so has me questioning if its a wiring problem, or if this sensor value is only updated while engine is running, i have confirmed that this is the case with the MAF sensor, it will update when cranking engine.

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