willem eprom write error

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willem eprom write error

Postby BOGSTOCK » Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:39 pm

Trying to write a simple vats removal for BWFU0310

original file reads correct, change vats to disabled and recheck in hex to see 1 byte of data changed all seems good.

write file to eprom and wont verify, check data written and missing bulk sections.

using PCB50B board and willem eprom to read/write, 27C512 device selected and file size is 64KB.

tuner pro rt to edit data and as I said i've checked changes in hex editor and only the one change made. Dip switches all good but for some reason will not write file correctly. What stupid thing am i missing here? I tried a 27C128 memcal and appropriate file and settings, writes 100%.

3 files added, what am I doing wrong??
BWFU 0310 STOCK bad write.bin
(64 KiB) Downloaded 56 times
(64 KiB) Downloaded 58 times
BWFU 0310 STOCK no vats.bin
(64 KiB) Downloaded 54 times

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Re: willem eprom write error

Postby delcowizzid » Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:23 am

Bad pin connection most likely.i used to have to shuffle the chips around in the zig socket while closing the handle to get the light corrosion off the zif socket
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