NVRAM 1st use help

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Re: NVRAM 1st use help

Postby antus » Wed May 09, 2018 4:21 pm

I think tinsel was a phone dictionary correction of "tunerpro"....

Yes, think about editing on the car as one thing, and keeping backups as another. were sort of describing how to do both at the same time which is making it sound more confusing than it is. It sounds like you have the concepts right.

As for the bin with the operating system, mostly dont worry about it at all. Even if the bin is not complete you can put the stock bin from the enhanced zip file on the nvram with a programmer to get the data link to the car up and running, then you can load even an incomplete bin and hit upload and you end up with the right result. You can ask us how to go about getting an image with both parts to put on a memcal chip later, but i suspect that once you got to that point it will be making more sense and you may not even need to ask.
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