VS 5litre, Manual, modified tune needed

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VS 5litre, Manual, modified tune needed

Postby oss96 » Thu Dec 27, 2018 6:53 pm

Hi guys, can anyone help me out with a tune to suit my new engine build?
Still running the standard delco 16183082 manual ecu, with BMZL1790 memcal.
Flat top pistons, 9.6:1 compression
Camtech Cams flat tappet hydraulic cam CT248 520
In' 224@.050, ex' 230@.050 110lsa
Edelbrock RPM vn alloy heads, 2.02 intake valve, 1.609 exhaust. 205cc intake runner.
Standard Bosch '960' injectors
Standard bunch of banana's intake manifold and throttle body, pacemaker try-ys, single 3inch exhaust.
T5 Borg Warner manual.
I have a gq4x4 burner handy, and a moates g1 memcal adapter with some sst eeproms. Any help would be great!

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