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Re: E67 to T87/T87A TCM interface needed

Postby Horshack » Sat Sep 05, 2020 2:41 pm

Hi Ed -

I've found A solution, just not the one I really wanted. Right now, today, I can get an adapter to put a Dodge 8HP90 transmission behind any Chevy engine, and get a controller that requires a TPS and RPM signal. It will control the transmission and allow transmission tuning via HP Tuners as though it were in a Dodge Charger. This is my current #1 solution, #2 being to get a Dodge 6.2L along with the transmission. But, if I could avoid all that and run an 8L90E or a 10L90E behind an LS3 and skip the adapters that's how I'd really like to go.

Ideally, a controller for the transmissions wouldn't necessarily require an E67 though. If a standalone controller could be made to work that just took the appropriate signals and let the transmission handle the shifting, that would be the best way to go. EFI Live can segment swap a manual trans on just about any engine, so if the controller that worked with the trans just took in the necessary inputs as a standalone signal and CANNED them for the transmission, that would be the best solution. That would allow you to put an 8/10 speed even behind a carbed engine with no computer so long as you sent the trans an RPM and TPS signal and there are standalone TPS signal generators out there that can be fitted to a carb. The market would be wide open that way.

If anyone wanted to build that product, I still have a ways to go before I'll be forced to make a final decision. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a shop willing to do radical suspension work that isn't already up to their eyeballs in work. It's getting to the point that I might have to learn how to weld and build a friggin' suspension table because I expected to have my project back and be prepping it for the engine by now but there's yet to be a single bolt turned. I don't mind saying though, that even if anyone did take on this project, there's no guarantee that I'd go with it. When I'm ready to buy a transmission, your product would need to be tested, in production and on the market. If it isn't, then I'd go with the ZF solution and that would be it for me. Well, at least until my next project, anyway.

Still lurking around.


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