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Motronic 2.10.4 Fiat

Postby pasto » Thu Feb 20, 2020 12:35 am

I have been working for 2 years on a motronic 2.10.4 of Fiat coupé 20v turbo. I have an ostrich 2 and a Pro Rt tuner with which I started to modify an xdf. The xdf does not contain all the factors.
The address B68C provides the addresses of all the maps, which gives a little more than 165 maps.

You will find attached ori and xdf.

Concerning the axes, I found some but others are unknown to me.

3: PID action.?
3B: index Rpm *40
4: offset coolant T°
30: throttle position / absolute pressure
31: offset absolute pressure sensor
33: Maf Qsoll
36: voltage *0.0705
37: Iat 0.75-48
38: CT 0.75-48
40: Load *0.05
8D: speed vehicule

I would like to find lambda parameters with the help of someone and understand how the N75 works.

if someone would share with me it would be nice.

thank you all
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