Reading data from Bosch ME17.8.5 ECU

Bosch Motronic etc ECUs and PCMs
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Reading data from Bosch ME17.8.5 ECU

Postby davus » Tue Dec 07, 2021 8:14 am


Please forgive me if this has already been covered. Ive done a fair bit of googlising, and havent come up with much.

I know there are a bunch of high cost solutions out there, but im try to find a way of doing this much cheaper. Id be really surprised if a low cost or even freeware solution didnt exist.

I have a bunch of Bosch ECU's from various Seadoo Jetskis that are either in a state of unknown, or have older tunes of them that i want to either clone from another ECU, or write back to stock.

I do similar stuff with the use of TunerPro and PCMHammer with LS1 ecu's, and was hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction of a solution for these Bosch ECU's.

I'm not looking to be spoon fed, and im happy to learn my way, but im really struggling to find a thread to start pulling on.

Appreciate any guidance you genius folk may be able to provide would be very much appreciated.


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