2014 Ford Transit Connect - Focus ST engine swap

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2014 Ford Transit Connect - Focus ST engine swap

Postby dotmaster206 » Thu Feb 06, 2020 5:07 am

Hello all. I'm obviously new to the forum and don't have any PCM/ECU programming experience. I'm looking for references/help finding someone who can help me finish my project.

It's a 2014 Ford Transit Connect (short wheelbase, passenger version) with a drive train and partial interior swap (front seats, gauge cluster) from a 2014 Ford Focus ST3. It runs and drives currently but there are a number of issues that I believe need to be fixed by getting the Transit Connect BCM to properly communicate with the Focus ST PCM and gauge cluster. For example, it now has the Focus 6sp manual transmission, but the Focus gauge cluster shows PRNDL in the display as if it is an automatic transmission. The windshield wipers don't activate (they did for a while but have stopped), and the A/C doesn't activate sometimes because it sometimes reads the temperature as -40 degrees.

A local Ford dealer looked at it and reprogrammed the PCM to be stock/original as a Focus ST and recommended I find someone who could do on-board programming of the three aforementioned modules together so that everything will work. They said it's easier than it sounds - just need to find the right person. I'm hoping this forum might be able to lead me to the kind of person who would have those skills and experience.

Any takers or suggestions on how to go about finding someone who does this kind of late-model custom programming work?

Thanks in advance!

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