Forscan and ECU programming

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Forscan and ECU programming

Postby Cincinnatus » Thu May 12, 2022 2:25 am

So hoping someone here can advise me. I have a 2012 Ford focus that was running but having issues. Started diagnostics and now can't communicate with ECM or TCM but all other modules communicate. I'm using Forscan with a nano vcx. Now my nano is for gm, but has been working fine for communication, dtc clearing, self tests, and calibrations. My nano will not display live data though, and I'm presuming it's a protocol issue. Nevertheless, the hs-can and ms-can are working with my nano. I downloaded Forscan 2.4.5 I believe, which can update firmware, program calibrations, and other programming. I haven't tried any of this, but want to get a used ECM and try to program it to this car. I saved the profile in Forscan when I could communicate with all the modules, so I load it at startup and it shows calibration data for each module even though ECM and tcm say error since I lost communication with them midway through diagnostics. Now ECM and tcm were erroring intermittently before the currently permanent lost communication condition, and I checked all powers and grounds and no problems. Canbus signals seems bad on scope and I want to try a used ECM but afraid can cause even more problems with vin mismatch. So asking here if anyone knows if this is possible. Thanks

Edit: fixed car without ECM replacement, was loose hs-CAN pin in harness between drivetrain and rest of car. Live data now works. Never tested programming, but did perform calibrations on ms-can door modules. Awesome that a nano for gm will work with modern canbus Fords and Forscan.

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