E38 problems

They go by many names, P01, P59, VPW, '0411 etc . Circa 1999 to 2006. All VPW OBD2 PCMs.
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Re: E38 problems

Postby Cincinnatus » Sun Oct 10, 2021 1:30 am

Bill, I read a tsb stating sps would no longer overwrite the same calibration to a module because dealerships were bricking modules that way. Sometimes writes would fail and gm didn't want ( shouldn't need) to replace a module if they weren't updating to a newer calibration.

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Re: E38 problems

Postby BillNobody » Sun Oct 10, 2021 6:07 am

Cinncinatus, I recall hearing/reading something similar but I have yet to experience a module that both SPS/SPS2 would not reprogram with the same file on non-global A vehicles. Experiences may vary however and things may change in time, but for now, all I get is the message box and I click "OK" and go ahead with the reprogramming. I have tested this on the bench however, not in-vehicle, so that may be the key to the issue ending in possible paperweight status.



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