E38 pinout/ fans pumps ect

They go by many names, P01, P59, VPW, '0411 etc . Circa 1999 to 2006. All VPW OBD2 PCMs.
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E38 pinout/ fans pumps ect

Postby 80gus » Sat May 11, 2019 10:03 pm

I was looking through the tune of a e38 conversion i've done and found 2 outputs that ive never used before and even wonder if they are even available.
HP lists 1,2 +3 fans i have 1+2 sorted but can not find any drawing that shows 3 output pins (any body ever found a 3rd fan pin).
And he other is intercooler pump i see there is a option to set that up, anyone know if there there and what pin to use?

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