2016 GM - Program Option into BCM?

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2016 GM - Program Option into BCM?

Postby mikemaat » Fri May 17, 2019 6:39 am

I wasn't sure which sub forum to post this in, so mods feel free to move it if necessary.

Ill try to keep this as brief as possible. I have a 2016 GMC Sierra pickup truck. It did not come with the Lane Keep Assist (LKAS) option. From what I have gathered, the only hardware difference is the addition of the forward facing camera, the rest is all programming.

I'm involved in a community effort to port an application/device called OpenPilot by Comma.ai to the GM trucks. OpenPilot leverages the LKAS in modern vehicles to drive them semi-autonomously. I have gotten all the functions of OpenPilot working with my truck (engages uses the cruise control button, plays the factory chimes for warnings, etc.), but the only thing it wont do is physically steer the vehicle. To use OpenPilot (which we already have working on a Yukon) you actually unplug the factory front facing camera. So that eliminates the only hardware difference between my truck and a truck with the option. The truck still has the electronic power steering, etc. It seems that I just need to be able to enable the option in the BCM for this all to work.

This leads me here. I have a GM MDI and TDS subscription, and have tried contacting AC Delco for a VCI to add the Lane Keep Assist option, but 'GM Brand Quality' refuses to issue one. For that matter, they wont issue a VCI for nearly any option that your vehicle didn't come with from factory. From what I have read, the Power Steering Control Module (PSCM) already has all the various calibrations resident in memory, but decides which one to use on startup by querying the BCM. So it sounds like all Ill need to do is enable the feature/option in the BCM itself.

Does anyone have any experience doing BCM programming on the Global A platform or module reprogramming without a VCI number? Any helpful links/resources you could point me to?

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