2011 chev Cruze 6T30 gen1 TCM unbrick

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2011 chev Cruze 6T30 gen1 TCM unbrick

Postby besterhc » Fri Sep 16, 2022 8:07 am

Good day, my Name is Heine from South Africa.
I am looking for software to bring back my TCM to live after agents bricked it with SPS2 programming on used TCM. I have SPS now on my vin and MDI. I see MDI working on PowerPCM_Flasher, but not reading TCM. I have a Flash file from the net Gen1 same as my one, but need to write it to bricked module. So first need help on how to get TCM back up . Is there some one who can help or point me in right direction.
The TCM is from 2011 chev Cruze 6T30 gen1. it looks if its using MPC561 and the Flash is AM29BDD160GB, NOT 100% sure, web info. ( have spare TCM Gen3 that's not bricked can communicate, but it looks if SPS do not have Gen3 software on my vin and car only have 1st gear and reverse. On the Gen1 it had gears, but not shifting correct and needed vin change and SPS calibration, but got bricked in process. )
Please Help.

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