XDF download

They go by many names, P01, P59, VPW, '0411 etc. Also covering E38 and newer here.
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XDF download

Postby Vetteyog » Thu Mar 16, 2023 10:44 pm

How do you download the file when the GitHub link looks like this?

See attachment...

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Re: XDF download

Postby ironduke » Fri Mar 17, 2023 12:18 am

click on raw, then right click and save as.. I think you'll have to rename it after to remove the .txt at the end and make it a xdf file again..

it's kinda screwy..

Or.. you could also back up to the beginning of the repository and simply click on the green 'code' button on the top right and download as zip to get everything, unzip it and then get the xdf your looking for..

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Re: XDF download

Postby Gampy » Fri Mar 17, 2023 1:36 am

Github sucks as a xdf repository ...

Authors should start a thread for each XDF here on pcmhacking.net and keep the first post updated with the latest version.

Then it's possible to maintain a list of release point url's without versions, thus no constant version url chasing and users can always find the latest works from this list ...

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