Torque management at shifting gears

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Torque management at shifting gears

Postby V8fan » Fri Jul 14, 2023 7:54 am

Hi everyone here
I'm trying to figure out how to setup torque reduce at shift points and find tables where its reduced in % against torque
Table of torque loss depending of ignition retards says that maximum loss will be achieved at 51 degree (its mean after TDC or spark table number - 51 deg?)
But there is a table of minimum spark advance - and its -15 almost everywhere -does it mean that I cant command torque reduction that change angle lower than -15 (or go into + to achieve max reduction) until I not changed it -or this table not affect torque reduction at shifting ?
-15 is before or after TDC ? (logically - mean before but all spark tables has positive numbers in majority )
Why spark advance in tables not with " - " (difficult to understand is it before or after TDC)
Spark advance tables relates to Gram/cylinder and not to intake pressure -completely don't understand that :(
also additional tables for high and low octane -how it will be choose what table should be in use ?
Shift times -is it time when torque is reduced by table ? From what moment it starts ? When PCM commands to shift solenoids ?
And small additional question ) Can I lock up TC in both 3 and 4 while lever in OD -its annoying turn it into third and again in OD depends of speed on city and highway

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