Honda Wakeup Sequence

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Honda Wakeup Sequence

Postby itsrealfast » Sun Jan 02, 2022 5:37 am

Hi guys,

I wanted to see if anyone had experience with making an ADX file for the older Honda Motorcycle?

The ecu wake up sequence is Kline must go 70ms low then 120ms high and then send FE 04 FF FF.

In the sequence above I cannot get the 70ms low

I've seen some members use a clever way to send wake up sequence by adding a Baud offset


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Re: Honda Wakeup Sequence

Postby j_ds_au » Fri Jan 07, 2022 6:34 pm

Well, if a baud trick is what's required ...

Suppose the UART is an FTDI USB device, then its minimum baud rate is 183 bps. The longest 'space' (I assume that's what 'low' refers to) condition, as a character, is 1 start bit + 8 data bits + 1 parity bit = 10 bits. So at 183 baud, 10 bits is 54.64 ms ... is that close enough to 70ms?

Otherwise, you need to initiate a 'break' condition, wait 70ms, then end the 'break' condition.

How you achieve either of these via an ADX file is beyond my knowledge.


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